Tips And Tricks To Increase Followers On Instagram

Tips And Tricks To Increase Followers On Instagram

Short Intro

Instagram is a social media platform with more active users and is very helpful for marketing your products. Utilizing Instagram will increase your brand awareness and your followers. Also, you can use the feature of Instagram, such as story, which will help you get more views for your post. Additionally, you can opt to buy Instagram story views to enhance the visibility of your post globally. Above all, this article will give tips and tricks to increase followers on Instagram.

User Name

A good way to increase followers is to create a short and sweet user name. It will make your users find your account sooner and support your brand. For instance, you can use your brand name to increase visibility. Even this method of naming might help you to get the attention of users in a short time. Also, you can change your user name on Instagram at any time.


Instagram ads will help you to increase the rate of follower counts faster. There are different types of ads on Instagram. They are:

Image Ads:

Image ads are suitable for campaigning your brand because their virtual presence shows your product clearly so that the users buy them quickly.

Video Ads:

Video ads will be up to 60 minutes long and can support your brand to reach your audience faster. As a result, it drives more sales and helps you to get success in a short time.

Carousel Ads:

Carousel ads are a series of images/videos where users can swipe and see the post. You can use carousel ads to show the collection-related products and share ten images/videos in the same post.

Collection Ads:

These ads are a combination of carousel ads and shipping ads. Collection ads directly show your product’s catalog along with a call-to-action button.

Explore Ads:

Explore ads will appear on the explore tab, and this is the area where users can discover new content and accounts based on their search habits. Also, more than 50% of Instagram users access this tab, so it is a great place to gain exposure.


These video ads will be played when users click them from the feed. These video ads will last up to 15 seconds long.

Shopping Ads:

Instagram shopping ads will take users directly to a product description page of this app, making it easy for them to shop instantly.

Reels Ads:

Instagram has also announced this reel ads feature. It can be up to 30 seconds long and gains more audience attention.


A story is an Instagram feature specially designed to post images/ videos. It will last about 24 hours from the time of its posting. All verified accounts can add links to their Instagram stories to drive people to their websites. Additionally, you can add stickers and text to your stories and buy instagram impressions for it to make them more interesting. Moreover, if you utilize the story feature, you will gain many followers for your account.


Each category of people will watch more entertaining videos, and they will also share those videos with family or friends. If you post content with your product’s details and entertainment, your users will enjoy watching them and share the videos with their contacts. Additionally, it will be the simple and easiest way to promote your brand. You can create a video uniquely and post it on your account; if it is attractive, you will get more positive comments.


Captions will help you to tell about your product’s details to the audience. You can also try to keep your caption in one word and boost it with emojis. If you do, it will reach more of the user’s eyeballs and make them follow your account and support. So, place a suitable caption related to your post.


You can post motivational quotes on your feed and make people visit it often. Posting them consistently will be a great way to catch the audience’s attention so that you can gain more responses from the audience. Later on, post both promotional content and motivational quotes simultaneously. As a result, it will receive a good response from your users.

Last Notes

Instagram is a vast medium to enhance your brand’s visibility, and your followers count easily. Additionally, you can use the features on Instagram and promote your brand. Also, add stickers and emojis to make your post look attractive. You might also consider the above points and keep your brand connected with your users to gain more followers for your account.